Welcome to barya at perang papel!

Welcome to barya at perang papel!

Barya at perang papel was made to showcase “barya” (coins) and “perang papel” (paper money), and to provide information on Philippine coins and banknotes.

Coin collecting is a great hobby and people do it for different reasons. Some people do it for profit, some for the preservation of history, and most, like me, collect just for the enjoyment of it. I enjoy keeping old stuff and I especially enjoy collecting currencies whether it be local or foreign money.

This site features mostly Philippine currency, but every once in a while foreign currencies may be featured as well. The information here is from my own research, experiences, and opinions. It may, at times, contain some inconsistencies compared to other sources of information.

Please take your time to look at the different coins and banknotes. This site is updated regularly so be sure to check for new updates. Click Latest Posts on the menu above to see recent blog posts. You can also use the search bar on the right if you have trouble finding older posts.

Feel free to post your comments, questions, and suggestions on the blog entries. Don’t forget to check out the Recommended Links” section.

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One Response to “Welcome to barya at perang papel!”

  1. Sir bumibili ba kau ng 1972 one peso coins meron kasi ako nito na 8 pcs?

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