Philippine Coins: 1992 2 Peso Manuel Roxas Commemorative Coin

This coin commemorates the 100th birthday of former Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas. He was the first president of the Third Republic and overall the fifth president of the Philippines. This coin was found by a friend of mine in a bargain bin at a local coin dealer when we were rummaging through a tray of coins looking for Philippine coins minted on certain years.

1992 2 Piso Manuel Roxas Commemorative Obverse

1992 2 Peso Manuel Roxas Commemorative Coin

1992 2 Piso Manuel Roxas Commemorative Reverse

1992 2 Peso Manuel Roxas Commemorative Coin
“2 PISO”

Metal: Nickel clad Steel
Diameter: 23.5 mm

This coin has been demonetized and is no longer legal tender here in the Philippines. I don’t know if this is a very rare coin, but its not very easy to find one of these. This coin is made of nickel clad steel and will stick to a magnet.


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~ by MAV on February 18, 2013.

15 Responses to “Philippine Coins: 1992 2 Peso Manuel Roxas Commemorative Coin”

  1. I have one.

  2. My son found one from their school ground yesterday.

  3. how much is the value of this coin today?

  4. how much i’ts value of this coin? please someone tell me how much the price.

    • Hi! The price of a coin depends in its condition, it’s rarity, and the demand for the coin. This particular coin, the Manuel Roxas Commemorative, is not a very sought after coin. Its going price is relatively low especially here in the Philippines where coin dealers usually sell these from 5 to 10 Pesos. The highest price I have seen for this coin is 30 Pesos.

      • Mav can you tell me where to sell my 2 peso coins I have the one above and actually i have all kinds of 2 peso coins in small bulk. thanks in advance friend and God bless you for your effort to reply 🙂

      • Hi. There is a coin shop at Greenhills and at Megamall who buy coins, but I am not sure if they buy the ones you have mentioned. Another option you can take is sell them to other collectors. You can find a few coins collectors in Facebook groups. Thanks.

  5. Meron din po akong ganyan na 2 pesos coin
    Ang bilang ko po Kasi SA taon nya is 100 years.itatanung k po Sana kong panu po ang Tamang pag bblang Kong ilang years na sya.

  6. Arnold docabo # 09952162756.itatanung k po Sana kong pano po ang tamang pag bibilang

  7. PWD nyo po ba ako Turoan kong panu po eh compute Kong ilang years na po ung ganyan Barya.kc Meron po ako isa.tapos ung isa k pa pong coin 500 Naka lagay

  8. May ganyan ako

  9. Hi, I have 1 of this

  10. i have one from 1892-1992

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