17 Responses to “Philippine Coins: DIY Coin Holder (2×2 Card Holder)”

  1. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where these kind of supplies are abundant, but wow! Kudos to you for being so resourceful. This is a great DIY article.

    • Thank you! I saw your website and i have to say I am green with envy. Another thing we don’t have here is a professional coin grading service. The collection you have is just amazing. If you don’t mind, I will post a link to you site at my recommended links section.

      • Yes I don’t mind at all. I do appreciate it actually.

        Also if you don’t mind, I want to post a link to your site as well. I think your site has a lot of valuable information for anyone interested in our hobbies.

  2. Please do I don’t mind at all and thank you for your kind words of appreciation.

  3. san po nakakabili ng mga materials na ginamit nyo?meron ba sa pinas nung coin pages o slide pages?saka yung mylar sheets?

    • Hi Marco. Yung materials ay nabili ko lang sa National Bookstore. Yung stapler naman ay sa powerbooks. Coin pages para sa coins ng Pilipinas ay mukhang wala dito. Mga madalas kong nakikita ay para sa US coins. Yung mylar sheets na gamit ko ay OHP film lang yun. Sa National bookstore din nabibili. Gaya ng nakalagay sa post ko, di ako 100% sure na safe ito para sa coins. Good luck sa coin collecting.

  4. Hi! Thanks to your blog, I’ve finally stopped looking out for Mylar plastic suppliers in my area. You confirmed that transparencies are Mylar and can actually be found at National Bookstore.

    • Hi. Thanks for the kind comment. As far as I know, the transparencies sold at national bookstore are made from Mylar, but please note that I have not tested these materials. As mentioned in this blog post, I have not tested these materials for any compounds that may be harmful to coins. I don’t recommend using these for high value coins. Thanks.

  5. My high valued coins were already sealed the very day I had them. I’m planning to use it for the circulated world coins. Mylar is what collectors usually recommend. Though I’m having trouble at the contradicting results from my googling. One entry in wikipedia says transparencies are made of cellulose acetate which produces acetic acid (which I think is vinegar – thus may affect our coins) while another entry in wikipedia says BoPET (or commonly known as Mylar) is used in overhead transparency films. Then here comes 3M that says their transparencies are made of PET.

    • Indeed its a risk. Since Mylar is a trademarked name by DuPont, you wont usually find it on the packaging of transparency films. I hope you find the right material certified my its makers to be mylar or the like. So far, I haven’t had any problems with the ones I use. I will update this post if i do find something about the transparency film I used.

  6. I’d like to contact the manufacturer of my transparencies but unfortunately they don’t have a website and the place where they are made is Tokyo, Japan.

  7. Where did you buy your mylar sheet

    • Hello. I bought this at a local bookstore. it is usually marketed as OHP film. However, since OHP films are no longer used, it now hard to find these.

  8. Hi! Thank you for statingnthat OHP film can be used. Pwede din po ba gamitin yung plastic cover for books? The ones na binebenta in rolls?

    • Hi. The cover for books is actually made of PVC and not really good for coins. The other thing to note is the clarity of the plastic. OHP film is consistently clear and transparent while the plastic cover for books is not very clear. I don’t recommend that you use it, but yes in a pinch it can be used.

  9. Hello! May I ask for an update regarding the condition of your coins? And may I also ask kung san kami makakahanap ng ohp film? It seems that mahirap ng humanap ngayon. Lastly, can I ask for advices sa pagpreserve ng paper bills. Thank you!

    • Hello. So far the coins I have in my collection show no signs of degradation, but I have seen ohp films made from PVC and you want to avoid this as PVC can degrade coins and impart a sort of green patina to coins which is not desirable for collectors in general. Yes its quite difficult to buy OHP film nowadays since no one uses them anymore. Honestly, I have not bought OHP film for the last 3 years. Luckily, I still have a few sheets in storage. Recently, massed produced coin holders are now readily available online from our leading online stores like lazada and shopee. It’s convenient, but removes the DIY factor.

      As for the paper bills or banknotes preservation is all about storage. I use a collector grade sleeve for my banknotes. Its made by a company called BCW. I use the 3 pocket sleeve and this can be compiled using 3 ring binder. There is also a 4 pocket variant so that you can fit more bills per page, but i opted for the 3 sleeve because it can fit larger foreign bills. These are available online as well. Another thing is to not mix your coins with your bills. Store them separately.

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