4 Responses to “Philippine Banknotes: 2012 100 Peso Free Masons Overprint”

  1. Hi there, as far as i know Freemasonry is a social fraternity that’s been around for centuries, making it one of the oldest fraternity in the world if not the oldest. G.Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Jose Rizal, are members to name a few. Here’s a video post, which can give you some information on what they do and the banknote overprint as well. Cheers! >> https://www.facebook.com/PinoyNumismatistNetwork/posts/487385624637797

    • Thank you for the info. I’ll be putting a link to you site at my recommended links. I am also the owner of chaoticyesterday.blogspot.com I created this wordpress site so that its more organized and more specific to coins and banknotes. Thanks.

  2. G is not for God. It’s for great architect of the universe, the masonic perverted idea of God. Research

    • Thank you for your input. Can you perhaps direct me to materials that can confirm what you said? I would be glad to look into it.

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