Philippine Coins: 1958 Fifty Centavos English Series

1958 marks the start of a new era of coins for the Philippines. The country, now a fully independent nation, needed a more nationalistic form of currency. Enter the English series coins. This series is called the English series because it is minted using the “English language” and because all coins following this series  would no longer be minted in English, but in Tagalog. This also marked the beginning of coins minted using purely base metals with no trace of silver or gold whatsoever. All coins from this series still maintained the same obverse design as its predecessors (the seated man and lady liberty), but would now bear the seal of The Republic of The Philippines on its reverse.  This series was eventually withdrawn and replaced in 1967.

My goal was to collect the entire series dated 1958 and I am proud to say that I have.

This post features the FIFTY CENTAVO coin of this series.


1958 Fifty Centavos


Lady Liberty striking an anvil with a hammer. Mount Mayon in the background
Metal: Copper-Nickel-Zinc
I noticed that Lady Liberty seems to be holding some leaves on her left hand.


1958 Fifty Centavos


Coat of arms

The fifty centavo coin was minted in the years 1958, and 1964 only.

Some interesting trivia about the English series:
1. The 20 centavo coin was changed to 25 centavos and its been that way since.
2. Coins dated 1958 to 1963, were minted in the US. Coins dated from 1964 to 1966 were minted in England and Germany. 

I enjoyed rummaging through the bargain bin of coin shops just to get my hands on a 1958 coin. Since this coin was minted in 1958 and 1964 only I have coins from both years of minting. This coin is easy to obtain in coin shops for a fairly cheap price.

Click the links below to view other coins of this series or click here to view the list of coins under the English Series.

One Centavo
Five Centavos
Ten Centavos
Twenty Five Centavos



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