Philippine Coins: 1967 Dalawamput Limang Sentimos Pilipino Series

The coin series following the English Series coins was called the Pilipino Series. This marks the beginning of all Philippine coins being minted in the Tagalog language and features prominent Filipino people in history instead of the seated man and lady liberty featured in earlier coins. The word “sentimo” replaced “centavo” and a number denoting the value was also added to the obverse.

Minting started in 1967, but for this series most coins were minted 1 year after the reflected date. Some of the 1967 coins were minted in 1968, and most, if not all, of the 1972 coins were minted in 1973. Most coins from this series were minted in various mints in the United States and in other mints in neighboring Asian countries. The 1 Piso was introduced in this series in 1972 making it the largest denomination of this coin series. Production of these coins stopped in 1974.

I had a bit of difficulty finding coins in this series in their first minting year. I had to spend a bit to complete a series that features coins in their first year of minting – 1967 for the 1 Sentimo to 50 Sentimos, and 1972 for the 1 Piso.

In this post, I will be featuring the DALAWAMPUT LIMANG SENTIMOS (Twenty Five Centavo) coin.


1967 Dalawamput Limang Sentimos


Bust of Juan Luna y Novicio
(Click name for more info)
Metal: Copper-nickel-zinc


1967 Dalawamput Limang Sentimos


Coat of arms
Weight: 4 g
Diameter: 21 mm
Thickness: 1.72 mm

Juan Luna was a Revolutionary hero, but he is most famous for being an artist and a painter. His most famous work is undoubtedly the award-winning painting, Spolarium.

I bought this coin from a coin dealer. It’s rather hard to find one in good condition since this was the most circulated coin of this series. It was minted from 1967 to 1972, and 1974.

Click the links below to view other coins of this series or click here to view the list of coins under the Pilipino Series.

Isang Sentimo (1 Centavo)
Limang Sentimos (5 Centavos)
Sampung Sentimos (10 Centavos)
Limampung Sentimos (50 Centavos)
Piso (1 Peso)



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