Philippine Coins: 1992 2 Piso Jose Laurel Commemorative Coin

1991 marks the 100th birthday of former President Jose P. Laurel. He is the president of the Second Philippine Republic, which was a puppet government under the rule of Japan from 1943 to 1945. Even though his regime was under the Japanese Empire, he was still considered a legitimate president of the Philippines. He died in 1959 at the age of 68.

A 2 peso coin was minted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in 1992 to commemorate his 100th birthday. The shape of the coin came from the iconic, decagon-shaped (10 sides) 2 peso coin from the Flora and Fauna series. I am not sure if this coin is still part of the Flora and Fauna (1983-1990) or the Improved Flora and Fauna (1991-1994). Though there is no indication that this coin was minted in 1992, online sources put the minting year in 1992. That is 1 year after the 100th birthday of President Laurel.


1992 2 Piso Jose Laurel Commemorative coin

Bust of Jose Paciano Laurel y Garcia
(Click the name for more info)

I may have labeled my coin wrong, but there is really no indication that the coin was minted in 1992. By looking only at the coin, one would assume that this coin was minted in 1991 instead.


1992 2 Piso Jose Laurel Commemorative coin

Metal: Copper – Nickel
Weight: 12 g
Diameter: 31 mm
Shape: Decagon (10 sided)

The words KAPAYAPAAN (peace), KALAYAAN (freedom), and KATARUNGAN (justice), are placed on the side of an equilateral triangle, with a star in each corner, and a sun in the center. This is similar to the triangle on the Philippine flag.

I have 2 of these coins. They are not in the best condition, but the details are still clear. I got this from the bag full of coins here at home. This coin is quite rare according to, with a rarity index of 80 from a scale of 1 to 100.

I’m not sure how many were minted, but it’s not difficult to get one from coin dealers. I’m sure these can be obtained for a fair price.


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  1. Meron po akong 2 Peso Manuel A. Roxas 100 yrs 1892-1992… And Jose Rizal 150yrs 1861-2011… My alam po ba kayong bumibili nito. Tnx.. txt me 09213015934

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