Philippine Coins: 2013 10 Piso Andres Bonifacio Commemorative Coin

November 30, 2013 marks the 150th birthday of Andres Bonifacio. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas minted a 10 peso commemorative coin to celebrate the hero’s 150th birthday. The coin is the same size as the current 10 peso coin, with the same bi-metal composition. It took me a while to obtain a coin since it was hoarded by collectors the moment it came out. I had to shell out some dough to get one…actually three.


2013 10 Piso Andres Bonifacio Commemorative Coin
“10 PISO”
Bust of Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro
(Click name for more info)


2013 10 Piso Andres Bonifacio Commemorative Coin
Bonifacio Monument; Bonifacio’s signature; BSP logo
“150 YEARS”

Metal: Bi-Metallic (Nickel-brass center in Copper-nickel ring)
Weight: 8.7 g
Diameter: 27 mm
Thickness: 2 mm

Many regard Andres Bonifacio as the “real” Philippine national hero. There are many opinions why this is not so and that Rizal is regarded as the Philippine national hero. In my opinion, they are both national heroes since their birthdays are official holidays in the Philippines. Rizal was Bonifacio’s inspiration for the revolt, but it was Bonifacio who actually led a revolt with weapons. Rizal did so by writing.

Bonifacio is the “Father” of the Philippine Revolution and the supremo (supreme leader) of the Katipunan – The secret society that led the Philippine revolt against Spanish rule. Bonifacio was later executed as a criminal under the order of President Emilio Aguinaldo, in fear that Bonifacio might take over as president. His body has never been found to this day.

I bought three of these coins from a coin dealer for a higher price than the face value. It was worth it, since it’s still quite rare and I haven’t found one in circulation yet.


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10 Responses to “Philippine Coins: 2013 10 Piso Andres Bonifacio Commemorative Coin”

  1. i hve a half peso note undet carlos p. garcia presidency. if ur interested u can call me at 09436135603

  2. i have old collector philippne coins that i wanted to sell. they are from 1944
    i want to know if you or somebody will be interested. i live in cavite
    can u tell me where i couild sell them and how much would they go for
    i can be reached at 09493709108. feel free to txt me at any time

  3. would you know if anyone else is interested with this coin? would you be kind enough to send me an sms how much you got one of these for?my number is 09425741664. tanx!

  4. Hello. May I know anyone who can sell me this 10-peso Andres Bonifacio coin or where could I possibly buy one? Thanks! Btw, I’m from Laguna area.

  5. hi! i have a commemorative coins ten peso coin. 150 years andress bonifacio. and two peso 1891 1991 jose p laurel ho wants to buy? just call my number 09089533602 to those who are interested… i auctins this coins

  6. How much value for the 10 piso coin 150 yrs andress bonifacio

  7. I have also 1944 and 1945 cent how value 5 cents 10 cent and 1piso and i have also lebirty one dolar coin 8th pres in u.s.a how much value?????

  8. Iv got 2 of that coins… who wants to buy

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