Philippine Banknotes: 2013 100 Peso SHELL 100 TAON Overprint

Shell is a well-known oil company. Its is the second largest in terms of revenue. Its formal company name is Royal Dutch Shell plc with headquarters in the Netherlands. Its one of the 6 largest oil and gas companies on the world.

Shell is also one of the biggest oil companies on the Philippines. Its subsidiary, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, handles local operations. Shell Pilipinas started in 1914 and this year marks their 100th anniversary. To commemorate this, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released a commemorative 100 Peso bill.

100 Peso Bill Shell

2013 100 Peso SHELL 100 TAON Overprint

100 Peso Bill Shell_Closeup


1914 . 2014

Since this banknote commemorates Shell Pilipinas, it was only proper to use the Filipino word “taon” which means year. The overprint was printed on 2013 banknotes, but was released for circulation at the start of 2014. I found mine while withdrawing cash from an ATM, still pleasantly surprised to find new, sequential overprints loaded in an ATM.

Overprint is done in grey ink. If the logo was colored, that would have been cooler to collect. They are widely circulated and I often see banknotes like this in my change. What is rare and what I would really like to have is a starnote with this overprint.



~ by MAV on August 20, 2014.

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