14 Responses to “Philippine Banknotes: Star Notes”

  1. I have a 2013 Fifty pesos star note just want to know what is the value

    • For starnotes, its all about condition. generally, from what i have seen in online auctions and people selling them, price is 10% over face value. For 50 pesos, its generally sold at a baseline collector price of 55 pesos.

  2. I have two pc of 1000 (starnote) 2015 good condition how much is the value I want to sell it

  3. What do you mean by “star notes with overprints”? Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the info…

  5. hi
    good day! im one of those star notes collectors.i’d been collecting this notes for more than 10years now.
    my professor said its a lucky money thats i start collectin it.yes its very rare to find this bills.

  6. Meron po akong 20 pesos na star note dito Kaso sabi dun sa page namin face value nlng daw meron dun kasi natupi na sya. Ganun po ba tlga un?

    • Hi. Condition is everything to a collector. Kung may tupi o lukot yung perang papel, nawawalan ng value sa collector.

      • paano po pag may sulat? i have 1000 na star note pero may sulat ng ballpen 30.

      • Hello. Collectors generally go for pristine condition. Pag may sulat, mas mababa na ang collectors value, pero ang face value same parin. My suggestion, use the money. 🙂

  7. Quick question kung ang star note ay 1000 pesos 2017 pero fold sa
    center ng konti ano po ang price value

    • Typically, star notes are valued by collectors at face value + 10%. However, not all collectors are interested in star notes. Some star notes have greater demand than others because of the serial number. Condition is also a very big factor. Folds take away the collectors value. Unless its a rare star note, it’s value is its face value. In your case, its 1,000.

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