Philippine Coins: 1983 1 Sentimo Flora and Fauna Series

1983 brought about another change in Philippine coins. The Ang Bagong Lipunan” Series was replaced by the Flora and Fauna Series. This coin series features flora and fauna that are mostly endemic to the Philippines and other tropical regions.

The change in coinage was to remove the “Ang Bagong Lipunan” motto, the slogan of President Marcos who was, by that time, despised by most Pinoys because of Martial Law and the widespread corruption in the government.

The metals used in each coin was also changed due to inflation. A new denomination, the 2 Piso, was also introduced in this series.

As a growing boy, the coins of this series are the ones I have come to know as these were the ones used for trade during my childhood.

This post features the 1 Sentimo coin.

1983_1Sentimo_Flora and Fauna_Front_wtm

1983 1 SENTIMO

1983_1Sentimo_Flora and Fauna_Front_Close_wtm

1983_1Sentimo_Flora and Fauna_Back_wtm

1983 1 SENTIMO

1983_1Sentimo_Flora and Fauna_Back_Close_wtm


Weight: 0.7 g
Diameter: 15.5 mm
Metal: Aluminum

The reverse features a sea snail endemic only to the Philippines. It is highly prized by collectors, but is illegal to export out of the country.

The 1 Sentimo has seen minimal use in trade and not much was really circulated. Most, if not all stores, actually refuse to accept this coin since it had almost no value at all. The only establishments that accepted these were pharmacies, banks, and supermarkets.

I had to buy this coin from a dealer since I wanted one minted in 1983. I found this particular coin from the bargain bin for a relatively cheap price.


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~ by MAV on October 15, 2014.

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