Philippine Coins: 2014 5 Piso Bagong Bayani Commemorative Coin

Just last year, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released a set of commemorative coins. Two 5 Piso coins and one 10 Piso coins. I was quite excited when these came out and I had hoped I could be the first one to get these straight from the mint, but that was a long shot. With that, I headed to my favorite coin dealer and bought a set for a price.

Featured here is the Bagong Bayani commemorative coin. This commemorates Filipinos who work abroad. I have to admit, because of them, the country’s revenue is still holding on.

Bagong Bayani Front_wtm

People in front of a globe with an outline of a jumbo jet.

Bagong Bayani Back_wtm

Outline of a jumbo jet; BSP logo; Filipino Family; BSP mint mark
“5 PISO”

Diameter: 26.9 mm

Thickness: 1.9 mm
Weight: 7.75 g
Metal: Nickel-brass

The obverse features a myriad of people in front of what looks like a globe with its longitude and latitude lines, and an outline of a jumbo jet. This means that these people work somewhere outside the country. The people symbolize the occupations that most Filipino workers abroad have. From the top row, from left to right, I think we have, a caregiver, a factory worker, a chef, and a seaman. Bottom row, from left to right, a nurse, a doctor, a welder, and an engineer.

Taking a closer look at the coin, there are names of countries at the lower section of the coin. I could barely read these with my naked eye so I took a close up of this part.

Bagong Bayani Front_Countries

This coin pays tribute to the overseas Filipino worker. These are the people who, despite the risks, leave home and work in other countries for years at a time. I salute these people of courage. They are truly heroes of today. “Bagong Bayani” literally means, New Hero. However, I think its more appropriately translated as, “Hero of today.”

My sister is a nurse and she worked abroad for 2 years. Now she is home. This post is for her.


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~ by MAV on March 2, 2015.

6 Responses to “Philippine Coins: 2014 5 Piso Bagong Bayani Commemorative Coin”

  1. Ma swerte pala ako kc may 5peso ako na ganito……

  2. Current price for this coin?

  3. […] “Philippine Coins: 2014 5 Piso Bagong Bayani Commemorative Coin.” Barya at Perang Papel,; Retrieved: March 24, […]

  4. I just got lucky because I got this in the canteen change

  5. This is our first time to see and possessed “bagong bayani” 5 peso coin after 4 years it has been released. It is silver unlike the picture in this article.

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