Philippine Coins: 2017 5 Piso New Generation Currency

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has released a new 5 Piso coin under the New Generation Currency series. This is the first coin for this series and it was released in advance on November 30, 2017 as a commemorative circulating coin, marking Bonifacio’s 120th death anniversary, and as a replacement to the New BSP Series 5 Piso coin.

2017 5 Piso New Generation Currency Coin
“5 PISO”
BSP Mint Mark

Bust of Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro

2017 5 Piso New Generation Currency Coin
The tayabak flower; BSP logo

Weight: 7.4 g
Diameter: 25 mm

I got my first coin sometime early December of 2017. From what I know its nickel plated steel, but I’m not quite sure.

People have complained about the size of the coin. It can easily be mistaken for the 1 Piso we currently use. According to BSP this is an early release of coins that are meant to replace the New BSP Series coins which we have been using since 1995.

The coin is simple in design. To me it looks minimalistic compared to coins of the past. The reverse features the Tayabak flower. Its a flower of a wild vine that grows in forested, mountainous regions all over the country. I use to hike a few years back and I have seen tayabak flowers along the trail. The flowers are blue-green almost turquoise in color. The flowers are in a cluster much like how its depicted on the coin. The flowers are like upside down parrot beaks. From what I know, the flower is edible. Though I am not sure if it can be eaten raw or if it needs cooking.

According to BSP, the rest of the coins for this series will be released January 2018, but as of this writing, I have yet to see the other coins. Release may have been put on hold due to the negative reception of this new 5 Piso coin.

Below paragraphs are quoted directly from BSP website under their Media Release dated November 29, 2017.

“The NGC Coin Series adopts the latest technology in minting coins. The security features of the NGC Coin Series are enhanced to deter counterfeiting, improve wear and corrosion resistance capabilities, saves the BSP minting costs, avoids risks arising from unexpected volatile swings in metal prices, and also deters the illegal hoarding of coins for melting and shipment to other countries.

Coins in the NGC Series will feature the BSP logo, national heroes and endemic flora, consistent with the design of the NGC Banknote Series, launched in 2010, which also highlights Philippine fauna.

The rest of the denominations of the NGC Coin Series will be released by the BSP for circulation in January 2018.”


~ by MAV on March 15, 2018.

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