Philippine Coins: 2017 5 Piso New Generation Currency

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Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has released a new 5 Piso coin under the New Generation Currency series. This is the first coin for this series and it was released in advance on November 30, 2017 as a commemorative circulating coin, marking Bonifacio’s 120th death anniversary, and as a replacement to the New BSP Series 5 Piso coin.

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Philippine Coins: 2017 10 Piso Antonio Luna Commemorative Coin

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Considered one of the greatest Filipino Generals, Heneral Antonio Luna y Novicio was born on 29 October 1866 in Manila. He served as the chief of operations during the Philippine-American war. He is known for his guerrilla tactics and employed trench warfare during the war. He died on June 1899 at Nueva Ecija.

To commemorate his 150th birth anniversary, BSP minted a commemorative 10 Piso coin that was released in November 2017.

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Philippine Coins: 2016 1 Piso Isidoro Torres Commemorative Coin

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General Isidoro Torres was born on April 10, 1866 at Matimbo, Malolos, from the province of Bulacan.

1 Piso coin was minted in 2016 and released on August 2017 to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary. This is 1 of three (3) coins. See here for more details on the other 2 coins.

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New Commemorative Coins from BSP

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Just sharing new commemorative coins from BSP. These came out a while back and I’m sure most are already aware of the existence of these coins since they are being sold online. I do apologize for being late in posting about these coins, but as of this date I do not yet own any of these new coins. What I will be sharing is the image of the coins courtesy of BSP and the links directing to BSP’s official website regarding the release of these coins.

1 Piso ASEAN Commemorative coin
More info here.

The ASEAN coin was released January 2017 and was officially unveiled by President Duterte in Davao City.

The following coins were released to commemorate birthdays of prominent figures in Philippine history.

1Piso Reverend Horacio dela Costa 100th birth anniverary.

1 PISO General Isidro Torres 150th birth anniversary

1 PISO General Artemio Ricarte 150th birth anniversary

Info on the coins above can be found here. Though the media release date of BSP for these coins was August 2017, you will notice that the coins are dated 2016.

All coins are legal tender and have been circulated.


Philippine Banknotes: New Generation Currency Gallery (2010-present)

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New Generation Currency

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Philippine Banknotes: Overprint Gallery

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How much is my coin worth?

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I often receive private messages asking how much their coin is worth. Sometimes I even get asked how much I am willing to pay for this type of coin or banknote. Determining the price of a collectible coin or banknotes is not a fixed formula. My usual answer is, “It depends.”

Where I come from, there is no known regulating body for the prices of collectible coins and banknotes. Prices often depend on the seller – how he/she values the item. Sentimental value is most often the dictator of prices. In coin collecting there are three things that affect coin prices.

  1. Rarity. The price of a coin goes up when it is relatively hard to come by. What I mean is that there are only a few of these ever minted or printed. The coin becomes a very desirable piece for a collector to have. When a certain coin or banknote has only a few existing specimens then you can be sure it can command a higher premium. The older the coin or banknote doesn’t mean its rare. However, it is also true that as time passes certain coins and banknotes become more rare. Collectors pride themselves in having coins or banknotes in their collection that no one else has.
  2. Condition. Collectors go for the best coins and banknotes they can get their hands on. The best looking coins and banknotes command a higher premium. Higher prices for mint condition coins and lower prices for circulated ones. Collectors are purists and if it is at all possible, we want coins and banknotes directly from the mint that makes them. Be wary of cleaned or altered coins. A cleaned coin, no matter how nice it looks has a lower price than a coin that is mint state and even undesired by most collectors. One thing about the condition of coins and banknotes is that it deteriorates over time. It is possible that a coin can lose its value as its condition deteriorates. This is the reason why collectors invest in coin flips, banknote albums, clear cases, vaults, etc.. to protect their investment.
  3. Demand. In my opinion, this is what affects the prices of coins and banknotes the most. A certain coin may not be very rare and may not have the best condition, but if it has a very high demand from buyers, prices can go up to absurd levels. I’m not saying that this cannot be affected by the rarity and condition, but the more people want something, the more expensive it becomes. The opposite is also true. Even if a certain coin is rare and in mint condition if no one is willing to buy it for the set price, chances are its price will go down until someone will be willing to buy it.


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