Philippine Coins

The history of the Philippines can be told through its coins. Each coin series, from the US occupation up to the present, tell of different periods in our country’s history. They commemorate historical events, notable people, and important places.

From 1903 up to the present, 2014 as of this writing, the Philippines has changed coins 7 times and each change signify an important era in Philippine history. Click the links below and learn about the coins of the Philippines.

American Occupation (1898-1946)

US-PI Coin Series

Commonwealth Series

Post-Colonial (1946-present)

English Series

Pilipino Series

Ang Bagong Lipunan Series

Flora and Fauna Series

Improved Flora and Fauna Series

New BSP series

*Commemorative Coins*



One Response to “Philippine Coins”

  1. Magkano po yong 5peso 1975 marcos,,,!at yong 1peso jose rizal,,1972 at 1974,,magkano po presyo ng mga yan

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