English Series (1958-1966)

The English Series coins were named as such because it’s primarily minted using the English language. It is also aptly named to distinguish it from previous generation coins, namely the USPI and Commonwealth coins, and succeeding generation of coins, the Pilipino Series and so on, that are minted in the Filipino (tagalog) language.

Though some of the details of these coins are influenced by the previous generation coins, it is the first series to have the Republic of the Philippines’ coat of arms featured on the reverse side of each. This series does not have the 1 Peso coin, having the largest denomination of 50 Centavos only.

Click on each coin for more info.








8 Responses to “English Series (1958-1966)”

  1. mag kano po yung price nito?

  2. can i buy from bangko sentral ng Pilipinas these 1958 coins?

  3. Magkano na po ang halaga ng 1958 fifty centavos coin?

  4. ako po may 2 pesong papel jose rizal mag kano naman po ang halaga

  5. ask lng po may coins po ako n fifty centavos 1958 at ipaalam ko n din po n meron din po ako n ferdinand and imelda pendant bgay lng po s akin , gusto ko lng po mlaman kng meron halaga yng dlawa , may photo po ako nung dlwa s FB accnt ko po , reyes benedicto reenan@yahoo.com kng ok lng po s inyo salamat po

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