Pilipino Series (1967-1974)

The Pilipino Series coins were minted to replace the English Series coins in 1967. This series is the first to be minted in the FILIPINO language and the first to feature National heroes on all denominations. The word Centavo/s is replaced by the Filipino word Sentimo/s.

This series also marks the return of the PISO (1 Peso) as a regular circulation coin, but was minted a few years later in 1972.

Click on each coin for more info.


Isang Sentimo


Limang Sentimo


Sampung Sentimo


Dalawamput Limang Sentimo


Limampung Sentimo





4 Responses to “Pilipino Series (1967-1974)”

  1. Mag knu po ang bli nyo s mga old coin.tnx

  2. Ask ko lng po mam/ sir… magkano na po ang value o presyo ng mga coins n yan kapag ibebenta…thanxs

  3. gdday po. ask ko lng po how much po ung mga old coins especially ung head of rizal pg ibbenta? thanls po

  4. gud afternun poh tanong q lng poh qng bmbli poh kyo ng mga old coins?

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