Philippine Coins: 1972 Piso Pilipino Series

The coin series following the English Series coins was called the Pilipino Series. This marks the beginning of all Philippine coins being minted in the Tagalog language and features prominent Filipino people in history instead of the seated man and lady liberty featured in earlier coins. The word “sentimo” replaced “centavo” and a number denoting the value was also added to the obverse.

Minting started in 1967, but for this series most coins were minted 1 year after the reflected date. Some of the 1967 coins were minted in 1968, and most, if not all, of the 1972 coins were minted in 1973. Most coins from this series were minted in various mints in the United States and in other mints in neighboring Asian countries. The 1 Piso was introduced in this series in 1972 making it the largest denomination of this coin series. Production of these coins stopped in 1974.

I had a bit of difficulty finding coins in this series in their first minting year. I had to spend a bit to complete a series that features coins in their first year of minting – 1967 for the 1 Sentimo to 50 Sentimos, and 1972 for the 1 Piso.

In this post, I will be featuring the PISO (Peso) coin.


1972 Piso


Bust of Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda
(Click name for more info)
Metal: Copper-nickel-zinc


1972 Piso


Coat of arms
Weight: 14.28 g
Diameter: 33 mm
Thickness: 2.17 mm

1972 marked the introduction of the 1 Piso coin featuring the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. This coin is also known as the “Rizal head” coin. These were minted in 1972, 1973, and 1974. However, there are no coins dated 1973 because all PISO coins minted on that year were all dated 1972. That would mean that the coin I have may have been minted in 1973.

In the late 90’s these coins were sought after by many due to the rumor that it contained white gold. I believe some people made a fortune out of these coins during those years. I remember a ring maker in the streets of Baguio city selling rings made from these PISO coins. If I remember correctly, he buys these coins for Php 30 each and sells rings for about Php 100 each. They were really shiny and have that yellowish tinge. His sign read, “White gold rings from old coins”. I don’t know how many people were gullible enough to believe him. You can read my take about this rumor here.


 1. This PISO coin was designed and engraved by the tenth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, Frank Gasparro.

2. When Gasparro designed the PISO coin, he had just recently designed the Eisenhower Dollar. His initials “FG”, appear on the neck of Rizal just as they do on the neck of President Eisenhower.

3. Martial law was declared by President Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. The same year these coins were minted and put in circulation.

4. These PISO coins were the first to have “BANGKO SENTRAL” on them.

I bought this particular coin for about Php 20. The condition was not so bad. I can still see the hair of Rizal on the coin. The initials FG are very faint on my coin, but it can be seen through a jewelers loupe. I’m proud to say that I also own a 1972 Eisenhower dollar.

This completes my post on the Pilipino Series coins of the Philippines.

I have updated the links to point to wikipedia instead of wikipilipinas. The later seems to be having problems.

Click the links below to view other coins of this series or click here to view the list of coins under the Pilipino Series.

Isang Sentimo (1 Centavo)
Limang Sentimos (5 Centavos)
Sampung Sentimos (10 Centavos)
Dalawamput Limang Sentimos (25 Centavos)
Limampung Sentimos (50 Centavos)



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60 Responses to “Philippine Coins: 1972 Piso Pilipino Series”

  1. how much this coin cost this 2014?

  2. Do you know some buyers of ths coin?? I have hundreds of it kindly contact me 09058874476

    • Hi. Its good to know you have hundreds of these. If you have some in great condition, send me some photos. I don’t buy in bulk, but I can point you to a store that does. Its called world treasures at the 4th floor of SM Megamall. Don’t expect too much though. These coins are still quite common.

  3. hi im charlene reyes search kung gusto nyo ng 1972 o 1974 na old coins 257pcs po meron ako eto po num ko 09056994963 thankyou

  4. I have a hundred pcs of that coin and some dated 1944 and 1938 where can I sell those coins?

    • Hi you may sell these at coin dealers, but I am not sure how much they will actually offer you. 1944 and 1938 Philippine coins are from the Commonwealth series. What denominations do you have?

  5. ako marami pis0 1972 nabibili ba un?

    • Hello. May bumibili rin naman ng ganyang coins. Di ko lang sigurado kung magkano ang offer nila sayo. May shop sa megamall ang pangalan ay World Treasures.

  6. Sino bumili ng 1 peso coins na 1972-1974

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  8. Good day!
    For those interested I have here 1975 five piso coin and 1991 five piso coin and 1985 50centavo…any good offer?? Beep me @ 09265532641

  9. Sir how much sa 1975&1982 5 peso coin bagong lipunan tnx

    • Hi. So far prices I have observed in shops I have been in range from 20 Pesos to 70 pesos depending on the condition of the coin. Some of the really beat up ones I have found for just 5 pesos each, but are too damaged for a collection.

  10. tanong ko lang po kung mg kano ang limampung sentimos 1972 marcelo h. del pilar po ang naka lagay at un piso na 1972-1974 slmt

    • Sa ngayon di pa gaano mataas ang halaga ng mga baryang nabanggit mo. Kadalasan ay 5 to 10 pesos ang Limampung Sentimos ng Pilipino Series. Pero maaring maging mas mahal kung maganda pa at walang gasgas. Ganun din naman sa Piso. Sa mga persyong nakita ko sa mga coin shop ang PISO ay may halagang 10 hanggang 50 pesos. Depende parin sa kundisyon ng coin.

  11. hi sir i have a 400 year commemorative 1 peso printed 400 years of antipolo.I how much is the value?

  12. Mai alm po b kau na site MalamAn ang price ng mga ph old coin

  13. Meron po akung

    Phil-us n hlf centavo
    Phil-us ten centavo
    25 sentavo(juan luna)

    Binibili po b ung mgA gAnyAng lumang coins ska mag kanu po ty…GB

    • Hi. Opo may mga bumibili po ng ganyang coins. Depende sa itsura ng coin ang presyo. May picture ka ba ng half centavo? Gusto ko sana makita ang actual na itsura. pwede mo ito isend via facebook, message ka lang sa FB page:

      • hi good evening i would like to ask kung bumibili po kayo nang old coins na Marcos 5 peso coin
        base on my research nag kakahalaga siya nang 6,000 to 9,200

      • hi. Yes I buy sometimes. can you share a picture of the coin that sold for 6000 to 9200? In my experience as a collector I have never seen prices that high for this type of coin. even the rare ones just go for 350 pesos only. I do have a specific type of Marcos 5 Peso I am looking for.

      • nabibili puh ba ang old coin na five centavos united state of amerika filipinas

  14. Mag Kano po ung 1944-45 s 5 centavos

    • Depende po sa quality ng coin. Pwede nyo check ang prices sa mga coin shop sa Greenhills, megamall, or Recto. Pwede rin sa FB, join ka sa Philippine Coin Collectors and Numismatic Society tapos post ka ng pics ng coins mo. May mga pwedeng tumulong sayo doon.

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    • hi pd nyu po bang i share yung photo nun binanggit nyu po na coin…..this my fb account…search for Jayme Mancao Jeffsy

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  17. Ano po yung specific type ng marcos head na 5 na coins na hinahanap nyo?

  18. Sir bumibili po kayo ng piso 1972 and 1974 po pahelp naman po salamat po

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  24. Thank you for this informative blog. Please allow me to use it as reference in my entry in Pagcor Photography Contest. Thank you so much!

  25. Do you buy these types of coins?

    *1949 5 peso paper Bill(2pcs.)Ang Bagong Lipunan

    *1949 2 peso paper Bill Ang Bagong Lipunan

    *1972-1999 one peso coins (8pcs.)

    *1999 quarter dollar coin Liberty Head
    * 1985&1999 one dime coins Liberty Head

    *20 pence Queen Elizabeth head coin

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