Philippine Commemorative Coins

As the collective name implies, commemorative coins are one of a kind coins that celebrate people, places, and significant events.

The Philippines has no shortage of commemorative coins. Some are as common as the circulating coins, others are as rare as gems, still a few are so rare that only people of influence have them.

Prices range from dirt cheap to insanely expensive. The really expensive ones are minted on precious metals like silver and gold with prices that are way above the capabilities of a novice coin collector.

A few of the more readily available, commemorative coins are featured here. Click the links for more info on each coin.



3 Responses to “Philippine Commemorative Coins”

  1. Bakit wala po sa commemorative list ang rice terraces at world food day silver coins?

    • Hello. Wala po ang mga coins na nabanggit ninyo sa listahan kasi po wala po ako nung mga yun. Medyo may kamahalan po kasi ang silver commemorative coins.

  2. Myrun ba buyer

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